Safeguarding Professionals Information

This page provides information for safeguarding professionals such as social workers, police officers and healthcare professionals.

If you are a member of the public, a patient, or a patient’s relative, and you want to get in touch with the Ambulance Service, please use the contact information on this page.


Our safeguarding team

We have a dedicated safeguarding team. We work in partnership with safeguarding professionals in other agencies to safeguard children, young people, and adults from abuse and neglect.

If you want to contact our team, please email us at

Our safeguarding team is available for enquiries from professionals during normal working hours.


Requesting information sharing

Our safeguarding information sharing policies, practices and procedures are aligned to HM Government guidance.

If you have an information sharing request related to a specific safeguarding concern, please contact our safeguarding team at .

For all other information sharing requests, please contact our Information Governance team on at


Requesting attendance at multi-agency meetings

Please submit this form this form if you would like the Trust to be represented at a multi-agency safeguarding case review.


Recording a safeguarding alert with us

Safeguarding professionals from other agencies can record safeguarding alerts with us. The purpose of an alert is to provide important information to our staff before they arrive at scene to enable them to evaluate risk.

The information needs to be in a form that is compatible with our systems, and consent needs to be considered. Please contact our safeguarding team for guidance before sending information to us.



Our agency has received a referral from a frontline ambulance crew. Can I speak to them about it?

We know how important it can be for safeguarding professionals to speak to individual referrers.  The nature of our frontline operations makes this challenging to arrange. Our frontline staff are shift-workers. During their shift, they are highly mobile and required to be immediately available to respond to life-threatening emergencies.

Contact our safeguarding team in the first instance. We will coordinate contact with frontline staff and local operational managers to ensure that your enquiry is responded to as swiftly as possible.

We have received a safeguarding referral from your organisation, but we can’t cut and paste the text from it.

We acknowledge that the ability to cut and paste text from our referrals would be useful to many of our partner agencies. This facility is being explored by our software developers.

We are a GP practice, and have received a safeguarding referral from you about one of our patients. How should we act on the information?

Please consider any safeguarding risks along with information you may hold and take action as appropriate. The agencies that we have sent the referral to are always listed in either the referral or the email accompanying the referral.